About material

Today we offer you a wide range of products from non-woven materials of new generation, which meet all modern requirements for the beauty industry. Nonwoven fabrics perfectly replace expensive textile materials, while not inferior qualities such as density fabric, strength, ability to pass air and stuff. In nonwovens fiber connection between a thermal method, without the use of the method of weaving. With nonwovens made clothing and medical kits, surgical cover, bedding and more.
The use of nonwovens is conditioned primarily by high functional properties:

  • microporosity;
  • hydrophilicity (hydrophobicity);
  • good air penetration along with pylezahysnoyu function;
  • antyseptychnist (bar dump properties to microorganisms);
  • no lint;
  • comfort while wearing.

Spunbond – a non-woven polypropylene microporous vapor permeable material. The material is resistant to acids and alkalis, well sterilized. By adding the material for the manufacture of spunbond various special supplements, you can get additional functional properties: antiseptic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, antibacterial, etc.

Laminated spunbond – spunbond, laminated polyethylene. It is soft, ductile, do not let the liquid. Laminated spunbond and spanleys used in products that should not pass moisture liquid.

SMS – a three-layer material – consisting of 100% of propylene fibers. A distinctive feature is the presence between two layers of spunbond material meltblaun. Meltblaun – a material consisting of polypropylene fibers, thickness from 0,01 to 0,2 dtex. SMS has a very high absorptive properties, allowing composite materials based on it will not pass through itself biologically active substances, fats, chemicals.

The main use of SMS – material for the production of disposable medical garments. Availability layer meltblauna increases antibacterial properties CMC compared to traditionally used spunbond in 7 – 10 times, which is very important for medical personnel. It is also used as a filter element in protective masks. Disposable headrest in airplanes and trains, sets single bed linen in hotels and railway road in the world is made only from the MLS.

SPANLEYS – made by gluing polyester (30%) and viscose (70%) fiber water jet high pressure without the use of adhesives. Material that is formed by this process, has easy, soft quality, flexibility and capacity of objects, environmentally friendly. An important feature is its bar spanleysu dump properties to microorganisms without toxicity, lack of local irritant and allergic effects in contact with skin and mucous membranes. Spanleys almost similar to cotton in terms of overall comfort. Spanleys characterized by the absence pile, improved bar `yernymy properties to microorganisms and proximity to cotton fabrics for tactile sensations.

Main applications spanleysu:

  • bandaging material instead of gauze and wool, personal hygiene;
  • absorbing napkins and tampons during operations;
  • for treatment of burns and festering wounds;
  • for the manufacture of disposable operating underwear, various kits and medical devices;
  • for beauty products.

Use disposable sterile clothing and lingerie has significant efficiency by reducing the risk of contamination of intra-hospital infections, development of complications and reduce posrsurgical period. In addition, there is also a direct savings in washing and sterilization.

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