Firm “Technocomplex” – one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine manufacturing medical products. For 20 years, the main goal of our company is to meet consumer demand by providing people with affordable high-quality, effective and safe medical products.

The main activity is the production of disposable products under its own brand “Slavna”. Production facilities consist of high-performance equipment, which is located in modernized buildings Smila garment factory. In modern workshops, equipped with automated lines produced a wide range of products from non-woven materials of new generation, which meet all modern requirements for medical products. We did not stop there, watching the development of technologies and strive to continually improve the quality of products.

Our company introduced and successfully operated certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2009 and ISO 13485-2005. Firm “Technocomplex” not only constantly upgrades its production and technical base and expanding production capacity, but also working to improve its infrastructure and production conditions, looking for the best ways to work with our customers.

Firm “Technocomplex” – a reliable partner for your business.

In 2012, the company opened a new direction – the production of disposable products for the beauty industry under TM «CleanComfort». The use of disposable products TM «CleanComfort» provides strong enforcement of hygiene, good contact with the body and no adverse effects (irritation, scrapes, diaper rash, allergic reactions, etc..). In a wide range of products occupy a special place disposable sheets, towels and wipes.
Sheets TM «CleanComfort» our company produces with nonwoven spunbond and SMS with elastic lint structure. Spunbond – bioinert, breathable, resistant, durable and inexpensive. A distinctive feature is the presence of SMS is between two layers of spunbond material meltblaun that are highly absorbent and barrier properties. Availability  meltblaun layer is for several times increases anti-bacterial properties SMS compared to spunbond without compromising with the natural air of the human body.

Wipes and towels TM “CleanComfort” made of nonwoven Spanleys that has unique properties nonwovens – high water absorption, breathability, softness and comfort Tactile senses, antistatic, hypoallergenic, non-toxicity, high barrier properties, lint-free structure, good drape .
The range of disposable products TM «CleanComfort», which is constantly updated, will provide a whole range of needs of professional artists beauty industry, and the convenience and practicality of using products TM «CleanComfort» significantly expand the range of their application.

TM «CleanComfort» – convenience and comfort, safety and protection, the combination of price and quality.