Heat spunbond technology.


Powered spunbond materials created for different application areas: hygiene, construction, medicine and more. Geotextile, filtration, insulation and many other materials generated by this technology are well known and widely used in the world.
Until recently spunbond used in tailoring, not disposable, just as backup and reinforcing material, as well as to prevent fiber migration through insulation fabric. It’s no secret that the worse the quality of synthetic insulation, the more likely to identify individual fibers, as the fabric, and the lining fabric. As insulation standard spunbond materials (polypropylene needle-punched and kalandrovani) are rare.

Spunbond violates boundaries


I met a lot of news about spunbond, but this is definitely a most dramatic and interesting. To begin with, in this case spunbond became the source material for the construction of a kite, So far I have not encountered such a non-standard use of non-woven material. Continuing could argue that the more dramatic developments with spunbond described in the press, I have never met.

Nonwoven materials help protect the coast from oil spills.

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Disasters related to the oil spill to occur unplanned and always unpredictable. These accidents cause heavy losses as man and nature. Oil disaster are not only caused by drilling platforms. The reasons could also be a pipeline accident or crash into the sea, which over the past decade have led to serious, long-term and continuing for decades indirect damages. The area of soil contamination with oil products in Russia in 2011 increased almost 2-fold compared with the previous year and amounted to about 72 thousand hectares, says the head of the center “Antistihiya” MNF Vladislav Boloven.