Heat spunbond technology.

Powered spunbond materials created for different application areas: hygiene, construction, medicine and more. Geotextile, filtration, insulation and many other materials generated by this technology are well known and widely used in the world.
Until recently spunbond used in tailoring, not disposable, just as backup and reinforcing material, as well as to prevent fiber migration through insulation fabric. It’s no secret that the worse the quality of synthetic insulation, the more likely to identify individual fibers, as the fabric, and the lining fabric. As insulation standard spunbond materials (polypropylene needle-punched and kalandrovani) are rare.

About the new insulation, created by technology spunbond, I have just read. Samples of these same materials came to me just last week. In promotional materials like insulation, insulation named on the basis of continuous fibers (continuous filament). Actually it caught my attention. The fact that all known me synthetic insulation made from staple fibers, and by definition can not be considered continuous.
Until recently, I was familiar with only one heater falls under this description – Thinsulate CD (CDS). Samples of this material I have seen, but the court appearance, they created the technology close to the technology meltblaun, and depending on the brand dublirovanyspanbondom. CD – duplicated the one hand, CDS both. Knowing the properties meltblouna, can not say no comparative tests of the outstanding insulating properties of this material.
Another thing when using technology filyerniy managed to create material that can fully adopt all the best features of the best insulation of hollow, highly convoluted silicon staple fibers, such as:
- Three-dimensional,
- Hydrophobicity
- Softness,
- Well hold form
- High heat sparing properties.

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